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"Just back from Bedworth Folk Festival ... Our absolute find of the festival was Hamish Currie, a wonderful singer of Scottish origin who can only be summed up as he was in the programme, a gentle singer with a twinkle in his eye. It would be so easy for someone so gentle to be overlooked, drowned out etc, but he was so much in command of the stage that he had the audience twisted around his little finger. His material was varied and his performance made us determined to listen to every word. His voice and gentle style made me think I would love him to sing me to sleep, but that would be no good, because Id not want to miss hearing him. I really hope it is not long before we see him again."

Lorna Davies, North Staffs Folk Diary.

Winner of the 'The Rob Bader Memorial Trophy' at Bude & Stratton Folk festival 2011 for 'The Moment' a moment at the festival judged by the committee members as being one that truly epitomises what folk music and the festival are all about.

When presenting the award, Lucy Burrow talked about Hamish contributing many such "moments" over the weekend. "Not only does he sing beautifully, but he gets involved in everything thats going on. He runs and attends workshops, plays concerts, participates in singarounds and the shanty session and he supports the ceilidhs, too.

"Nothing is too much trouble for this man. His good humoured and endearing manner make his appearances engaging and memorable experiences. Hamish is a real asset to any folk festival and we are delighted that he has been a regular at Bude & Stratton: long may we welcome him back!"

"He has a superb style of presentation and a wonderful way with words that makes you hang upon every line he sings."

- St. Valentine's Folk Festival

"Accomplished showman Hamish Currie gave a lively and highly entertaining performance. He developed terrific rapport with his audience through wit, charm and cleverly chosen and superbly delivered material."

- South Lakes Music Promotions, Ulverston.

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