Berkhamsted Campaign for Real Music - Coronavirus

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Update on 6th August 2021

We're back!

Yes, tickets are on sale for our new season, starting in September with Gnoss.

Obviously, we're keeping our eyes and ears open about developments and guidelines but we have booked several acts over the coming months.

We're working closely with our friends at The Vyne to ensure that your visit is not only within the rules but as safe as it can possibly be.

Here is The Vyne's statement on precautions during the current Covid-19 situation

Please be conscious of possible COVID-19 symptoms and don't risk the health and wellbeing of others if there's any doubt. There are too many examples of people who've been vaccinated twice becoming infected and passing on the virus.

Even those without symptoms should make use of free Lateral Flow Device tests to avoid spreading the virus.

Ticket refunds - including all booking fees - will be paid in full in the event of enforced self-isolation so as to not discourage early booking, if you take out the associated insurance. There is a small additional cost for this peace of mind. We thought long and hard about this but the potential hit on finances should our audience be badly affected in the days leading up to the concert date means that this insurance option is the only sensible policy.

Update on 2nd October 2020

It's with a heavy heart that I have to admit defeat. Hopefully only temporarily; but it's hard to predict when it'll be feasible to return

The economics of the situation boil down to this: social distancing, which is likely to be mandated until late spring 2021 at the very soonest, limits our numbers to about 66. The quality of the acts we present requires an audience of about 100 to break even.

I have been in touch with the many parties involved and agreed that we'll not put any dates into diaries until we're sure that they won't have to be changed.

We're in the process of sorting out refunds to the thirty or so of you who have tickets for Cardboard Fox

Thank you all for your support over the recent few years; and for your patience in the current difficult times. Let's hope we can resume no later than early summer 2021 and I look forward to welcoming you all back.

In the meantime I wish you all health, a sense of proportion and general wellbeing.

Previous update from 4th April 2020

You'll not be surprised to hear that our concerts are affected by the current pandemic.

More through good luck than anything else, we didn't schedule a concert in March or April and have been able to form a plan for the rest of the spring season without undue haste.

You'll also not be surprised to hear that we'll not be holding the concert with Cardboard Fox on 2nd May.

But do not despair: we have rescheduled them! The new date is Friday 4th December.

If you already have tickets then these will be valid for the new date. If you really can't make that date then get in touch with The Vyne's box office and they'll arrange a refund. Their phone number is 0333 666 3366 and their e-contact form is here: The Vyne's "Contact Us" Page.