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It seemed like a good idea to have a page for odds 'n' ends...

But what to put in it?

I know: an unsolicited testimonial!

"Your range of playing skills from Scottish traditional folk songs to good old rock and more are excellent. Just shows what can be done with good skill, good voice and energy. I've learned a lot from you and I have to acknowledge that if I hadn't come to BURP at the Three Horseshoes about five years ago I may not have got sucked into this ukulele revolution. Well done all round, Hamish; you have inspired me and please keep it up!" - Gerry Howe, Ukerythmics

Folk Stuff

Yes, I'm something of a dyed in the wool folkie. And you can hear more about what that means over at my personal pages

But surely there are other genres?

Oh, yes (if I might be so bold as to quote Churchill the bulldog). As you'll hear on the homepage of these ukulele pages, I love cheesey pop - as is obligatory with ukulele - and jazz, swing, classic rock. It's fun to see people think "but you can't play that on ukulele... oh, maybe you can"

I often play jazz, swing and blues from the 1930s and 40s with Nick Cullum who is a fabulous bass player in a duo we call "Got Rhythm". You can find out more about us on the Got Rhythm web pages