Ukes for UNICEF 2021 - Virtual Ukulele Festival - Saturday 27th February - Concerts


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Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman

Phil performs at 16:45

Phil is The Guv'nor. A firm U4U favourite...

Phil's love of vintage blues, hokum, old-time, and jug band music shines through as he blows the dust off obscure old songs and gives new life to classics with his intricate picking and driving rhythms. His original songs blend in seamlessly, with many believing them to be old songs that had passed them by.

Uke Tango

Uke Tango

Uke Tango performs at 17.30

Uke Tango is a duet from Buenos Aires, Argentina which is where the Tango was born. They've played this music genre all throughout their careers in different ways. When the ukulele came to their lives, they were surprised to learn that the sound of this instrument could match with tango beautifully. And then, they stored the guitars and now travel lightweight!

Valeria Uher and Martín Cabello are two Argentine musicians and teachers, trained mainly in Buenos Aires. They both lived and toured throughout Europe including Italy, Holland and Germany from 2004 to 2006. In 2007 they settled back in Argentina where they formed the Metejón Malevo quintet, with which we performed at important festivals and places in Argentina, being finalists of the traditional Hugo del Carril contest and editing the album "Según el cristal".

Since 2012 they have been running Casa Freire, a cultural centre where they produce events such as student ensembles, including The Pequeña Orquesta de Ukeleles. Martin has edited two books: "Un pequeño con grandes posibilidades" (A little one with great possibilities) and "Mi Primer Ukelele" (My First Ukelele).

Marc Gallagher

Marc Gallagher

Marc performs at 13:00

We're totally chuffed to bits to have Marc on board. Such a great uke player, singer, songwriter, entertainer and all-round top bloke

In addition to his concert spot, Marc is running a Syncopation Station workshop

Adrian Broadway

Adrian Broadway

Adrian's "End of the Pier Show" is a complex production featuring nine different instruments, so has been recorded for your delight!

It's a show that celebrates the Variety Shows that were popular in the small theatres at the end of piers in the 1910s, 20s and 30s.

Zoë Bestel

Zoe Bestel

Zoë performs at 16:00

Ethereal vocals, poignant melodies and stirring lyrics describes award winning nu-folk singer/songwriter and musician, Zoë Bestel, hailed as one of the country's most exciting emerging talents.

As well as numerous BBC radio performances, she has also played at leading festivals including Celtic Connections, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Cambridge Folk Festival, Stonehaven Folk Festival, Orkney Folk Festival, and headlined The Ukulele Festival of Scotland.

We are proud to have been "early adopters" for Zoë in 2018 when her fledgling career was still taking off

Hamish Currie

Hamish Currie

Hamish performs at 15:00

Hamish is planning to play something from the various extremities of his repertoire, so expect some jazz, folk and rock. All performed with a twinkle in the eye.

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