Ukes for UNICEF 2021 - Virtual Ukulele Festival - Saturday 27th February - Festival FAQs

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Do I need to register for the festival?

No. Just turn up on the day. Although you should make sure that you have got your Zoom account ready for action.

Do I need to register for Zoom?

Yes. It's quick, easy and it's free! You won't get any unwanted contact from Zoom. If you're not sure how to do this, have a look at the festival tech page

I am trying to enter the festival but am getting "This meeting is for authorised attendees only". What should I do?

It will help if you open the Zoom app and make sure that you have signed into your account. Then try to "Enter the festival NOW!" again

If you're not sure how to do this, have a look at the festival tech page

Do I need a ticket in advance?

No. Just turn up on the day.

How much does it cost?

There is no specific amount. We are doing it for a very worthwhile charity, Unicef, and are relying on the generosity of our patrons (that's you!) to contribute.

You can contribute via our Just Giving page

When do "the doors" open?

We will be ready for you at 10:30. Come and say "Hullo!"

The formalities start at 11:00

How do I sign up for a workshop?

You don't have to! One advanatge of being virtual is that there is no limit on the size of room. Just come through to the workshop breakout room in plenty of time and you should find that your favourite seat is available.

How do I join an open mic?

During the open mic sessions, use the chat function at the foot of the Zoom meeting screen. Send your message to the meeting co-host to ask for a spot and they will try to accommodate you. When you are in the chat pop-up, you will see that it asks you who you your message should be sent to. Send it as a private message to the co-host

We will tell you who the co-host is during the open mic session, both verbally and in the chat

Do I need a ukulele?

No! It may be a ukulele festival, but you will find plenty to enjoy with no instruments. And lots of opportunities to sing along.

If you play guitar, bass, fiddle or almost any other instrument, you will find lots of stuff to play along with

How do I get the Zoom meeting link?

The meeting ID is embedded in the "Enter the festival NOW!" picture. Remember the simple passcode: you will be asked to enter it as you join the meeting

Can I have the Zoom meeting ID?

Yes. If you prefer to open your Zoom app and enter the meeting ID yourself, it's this: 879 2089 2047 and you will need the passcode which is U4U and then three "1" characters followed by three "2" characters

Can my children join?

Yes, but we do strongly recommend parental supervision

Do I have to play at the open mic sessions?

No! Whilst you are welcome to participate, there will be plenty to enjoy from those who do

Where do I get the workbooks for the workshops?

Each workshop description includes a link to a folder where the materials are available

Where do I get the songs for the strumalongs?

The Strumalongs page contains links to a folder with the various songbooks

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