Ukes for UNICEF 2021 - Virtual Ukulele Festival - Saturday 27th February - programme


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"Main Hall"

11:00 Sue opens the event

11.05 to 11:50 Open Mic led by Sue, with special guests

12:00 to 12:50 Strumalong led by BURP

13:00 to 13:25 Concert featuring Marc Gallagher

13:30 to 13:55 Open Mic led by Sue

14:00 to 14:50 Strumalong led by Katie's Jumping Fleas

15:00 to 15:25 Concert with Hamish Currie

15:30 to 15:55 Open Mic led by Sue

16:00 to 16:25 Concert with Zoë Bestel

16:30 to 16:40 the final Open Mic led by Sarah

16:45 to 17:10 Concert with Phil Doleman

17:15 to 17:25 the final strumalong led by BURP

17:30 to 17:55 Concert with Uke Tango

17.55 Closing address from The Chair

18:00 end

Workshop Breakout Rooms

11.05 Workshop #1: Euan Tees's famous children's workshop

11.05 Workshop #2: Marc Gallagher's "Syncopation Station" workshop

12.00 Workshop #3: Codrut Muresan leads an intermediate workshop on playing and singing

13.00 Workshop #4: Dave Jones leads an absolute beginners workshop

14.00 Workshop #5: Phil Doleman leads an intermediate workshop on fingerpicking

15:15 Workshop #6: Adrian Broadway leads an intermediate workshop on alternative chord voicings

16:00 Workshop #7: Hamish leads an intermediate workshop on "you know more chords than you think you do"

16:00 to 16:55 Workshop #8: Childrens' Strumalong, led by Nyree O'Brien

And if that's not enough, throughout the day there are also videos on our video channel and in the cinema breakout room. And there's the bar!!

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