Ukes for UNICEF 2021 - Virtual Ukulele Festival - Saturday 27th February - Workshops


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Interactive workshops

If you're planning on attending any of the workshops, then you may want to download the workbooks ahead of time. It's not essential, though, because we'll be showing them on your screen during the session

There is no need to sign up in advance. Our virtual room has plenty of seats, and everyone should have a good view

Without wishing to labour the point, you may wish to consider what you would expect to pay for a workshop in more normal times and reflect that in your donation to our charity

Phil Doleman

Phil Doleman

Phil is The Guv'nor. A firm U4U favourite...

His workshop which is at 14:00, for intermediate players is on fingerpicking.

Everyone likes to strum their uke, but if you're not fingerpicking it then you're missing out! This workshop with give your right hand a workout, and covers 'Travis picking', banjo rolls, blues turnarounds, swing rhythms, ragtime runs, syncopation, chord/melody playing and campanella technique.

Resources for this workshop are in Phil's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Hamish Currie

Hamish Currie

Hamish, founder and leading light of BURP, is an accomplished ukulele player, but just loves to have fun!

His workshop, which is at 16:00, is "You know more chords than you thought you did" or "Yes, you can modulate up a semitone"

For experienced, confident players. You'll already be comfortable with playing all the "usual" ukulele chords and you don't worry when you see a Bb. You may be introduced to a couple of new ones, but we'll discover the joys of moveable chords and go through just enough theory to open up new avenues

Resources for this workshop are in Hamish's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Euan Tees

Euan Tees

Local peripatetic teacher, specialising in ukulele, and function band regular Euan Tees will be running a beginners' workshop aimed at children, highlighting how much fun can be had with a uke and just a couple of chords. It starts at 11:05

Resources for this workshop are in Euan's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Codrut Muresan

Codrut Muresan

We're delighted to welcome back Codrut for his second year with us at U4U. He's an enthusiastic ukulele player and tutor, currently living in Leighton Buzzard.

His beginner friendly workshop, starting at 12:00, is called "Ukulele Playing & Singing Workshop" is for all ukulele players interested in rock, country and reggae genre based techniques... and how to sing your favourite tunes while using a standard ukulele pattern: Island Strum, Backbeat Strum, Ballad Fingerpicking etc.

Resources for this workshop are in Codrut's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Adrian Broadway

Adrian Broadway

Ukes for Unicef regular - with and without his band Ukolade - Adrian is a former head of a Primary School and music teacher. He got his first ukulele over fifty years ago and has been playing ever since

Starting at 15:15, Adrian will go through alternative shapes for basic chords so that ensemble players in a ukulele group can use complementary shapes. He'll look at "I Want To Be Happy". Well of course you do. That's why you play ukulele!

Resources for this workshop are in Adrian's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Dave Jones

Dave Jones

Stalwart of BURP and Katie's Jumping Fleas, Dave will be running an absolute beginners' workshop as he says that he's not a very good player.

In fact, if you know more than the chords C, F and G you will probably end up co-tutoring. Dave is expecting not to have a cast on his arm during the session but, to be honest, it probably wouldn't make a lot of difference. Join him for a little bit of basic knowledge and a lot of fun, starting at 13:00

Resources for this workshop are in Dave's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

Marc Gallagher

Marc Gallagher

Syncopation Station: Polish your strum patterns! We will explore the intricacies of off-beat strumming, looking at the theory behind your inner groove. Together we will learn strum patterns for Reggae, Samba and Rock, and you shall be able to work out and create whatever strumming patterns you wish! Starts at 11:05

Resources for this workshop are in Marc's Workshop Resources Dropbox Folder

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