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Yes, undaunted by the difficulties of the past couple of years, and what seemed like continual cancellations, postponements and reschedulings, we've pulled together a mouth-watering season for spring 2023.

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Sunday, 12th March 2023: McGoldrick, McCusker & Doyle

Mike, John and John

So great to welcome back these consummate musicians and entertainers who sold out the venue two weeks ahead of their show in 2019

Tickets are now on sale:

John Doyle, John McCusker and Mike McGoldrick first crossed paths as teenagers. "We all left school early, at 16, or 17, to join different bands," recalls McCusker of their early days. "We all met back then... we've grown up together, really."

All three musicians have gone on to global acclaim:

John Doyle (Dublin – vocals, guitar, bouzouki, mandola) is an Irish music linchpin and a founder member of acclaimed group Solas and has worked with Joan Baez, Linda Thompson and Mary Chapin Carpenter.

BBC Radio 2 Folk Award Winner John McCusker (Glasgow – fiddle, whistles, harmonium) has played with The Battlefield Band, Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan.

Mike McGoldrick (Manchester – flute, whistles, Uileann pipes, bodhran, clarinet) is also a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award winner and is a founding member of Lunasa and current member of Capercaillie.

Although they'd bumped into each other over the years, all three really hit it off when they started playing as part of the BBC's annual Transatlantic Sessions in 2007 . “That felt like it was a real coming together of the three of us," McCusker says. "It's always been really natural to play together, and, as pals, it always feels really natural to hang out. That's how the idea of us doing this as a trio came about: after The Transatlantic Sessions, we didn't want the fun and the music to stop. So we said, 'Well, why don't we just keep going?' "

All three retain their youthful excitement for making records and life on the road. "The whole thing's great fun," McCusker nods. "We have no agenda other than having a nice time and playing music. That's the way we tour as well - we throw ourselves in a little car, instruments on our laps, and off we go."

Friday, 14th April 2023: The UFQ


Yes, yes, yes!!! So excited to welcome them back. Another sold-out concert when they last played in 2019

Tickets are now on sale:

The UFQ have ignited international audiences with their high-energy, genre-defying acoustic music since 2009.

This is fiddle-led music that draws heavily from celtic dance forms and traditional song but from there on it is unlike any folk band you have ever heard. The UFQ's approach to the folk ethos is to embrace any and every influence from funk grooves to middle-eastern melodies, Afrobeat to north Indian rhythms.

The Urban Folk Quartet

The UFQ features two phenomenal fiddlers. The first is Galician Paloma Trigas, who has shared stages and recorded with with The Chieftains, Sharon Shannon and Altan, during her tenure touring the stadiums of the world with Spain's biggest folk star, Carlos Nunez. The second is Joe Broughton (Albion Band, Bellowhead, Joss Stone) long established on the folk scene as the fieriest English fiddler and showman of his generation. Also an exceptional guitarist and mandolin player, in UFQ Joe deftly shares multi-instrumentalist duties (often mid-song) with Dan Walsh. Touted as one of the finest banjo players in the country as well as a gifted singer and guitarist, Dan (Seth Lakeman Band, The Levellers, Walsh & Pound) joined UFQ in 2014. The lineup is completed by Tom Chapman, widely considered to be the most accomplished and innovative cajonero the UK has to offer.

Tuesday 16th May 2023: Breabach


Again, we're chuffed to bits to welcome back another of our most popular acts who sold out over two weeks in advance in 2020 in what was to be our last concert before lockdown.

Tickets are now on sale:

Traditional songs, contemporary tunes and original compositions from this multi-award winning band.

Securely ranked among Scotland’s most skilled and imaginative contemporary folk acts, Breabach unite deep roots in Highland and Island tradition with the innovative musical ferment of their Glasgow base. They have released six increasingly acclaimed albums.

2022 sees the release of their latest album Fàs (a Gaelic word meaning growth, developing & sprouting). The album is heavily inspired by the natural environment of Scotland and sees the band showcase more progressive elements in their music than ever before.

Breabach are:

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