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Phew! Our spring season is now done and dusted. Three incredible concerts with packed houses - two sold out well in advance of "curtain up" - and happy faces all around

Thank you all incredibly much: you're such a great and enthusiastic audience and it's a joy to be able to bring such amazing acts to you. I'm sure you'll agree that we punch well above our weight!

"But what's next?" I hear you clamour. Well, the short answer is that I'm having a fallow period over the summer and taking some time to recharge my metaphorical batteries. Watch this space for any news as and when it breaks. Better still, get on the mailing list and the news will come straight to your inbox.

In the meantime, if you've got any feedback or suggestions we'd love to hear from you via our contact page

If you'd like to see what we've already been up to, here are the listings for previous gigs