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Yep! That's us. BURP. Which came first? The abbreviation or the name Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players?

Whatever... each word is significant. Berkhamsted: cos that's the geographic centre of our catchment. (That's in West Hertfordshire.) Ukulele: cos that's what we play when we're singing. Random: cos everybody is welcome and we're never quite certain who's going to turn up. And Players: cos we play. Sorry, I've said that already under the Ukulele bit. We sing lots, too, but BURS wasn't so humorous. I suppose we could have been BURPS. But we're not.

Stop me if you think I'm rambling... the point is... okay: what is the point?

Tell me about BURP

BURP started out as a once a month get-together to sing and play ukes in The Three Horseshoes, Winkwell, Bourne End, HP1 2RZ. We still do that. But some of us also play gigs, organise an annual festival, play charity events, whatever. But everything is centred on singing with accompaniment on ukuleles.

Since early 2010 on every third Thursday of the month - without fail (so far!). Well, except for the pandemic lockdowns when even then we carried on via Zoom - we meet up to sing and play. From 20.00hrs until 22.15hrs. Everybody is welcome, no matter how rudimentary their abilities - nor how expert! We've not yet had to turn anybody away because they're too good. And we've certainly never turned anybody away for being not good enough. It's all about participation and encouragement.

While we do like to include a few numbers which are a little more challenging - some arrangements use loads of chords - every session has lashings of four, three and even two-chord songs. And there's always somebody nearby to help get you started!

What else?

Some of the more committed - and many say that that's not before time - and confident (although not always very) players and/or singers play gigs. Just ask. Depending on the type of event, we may ask for a small fee. Or not. Can't hurt to ask, though? Unless you're easily offended.

get in touch by e-mailing "contact" at "BURPmusic" dot "com"

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