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Ukes for UNICEF - our annual Ukulele Festival.

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Stuff aimed at our gigging contingent: special editions of songs, mostly.


The All-Singing-and-Dancing Consolidated Songbook!!!

The tablet-friendly, consolidated songbook, with almost all the songs on one page, is here:

    BURP complete songbook now updated as of 15th May 2022

New since 1st November 2021!!:

    Baby, I Love You - created 13th January
    Bat Out of Hell - created 22nd January
    Cold as Ice - created 15th February
    Englishman in New York - created 10th November
    Everybody Needs Somebody - created 27th December
    The Fox - created 5th November
    Highway to Hell - created 25th November
    I Am the One and Only - created 9th May
    I Only Have Eyes for You - created 6th May
    Jollity Farm - created 6th April
    Lenin on a Lamppost - created 25th November
    Music (John Miles) - created 7th December
    Pretty Vacant - created 5th November
    Red, Red Wine - created 9th November
    Send in the Clowns - created 28th November
    The Shape of My Heart - created 22nd December
    Song 2 - created 3rd December
    West Side Story Mudley - created 19th December

The 2020 Consolidated and Augmented BURP Christmas Thrash Book

Here ya go: The 2021 BURP Christmas Thrash Book (The Lockdown Edition - third+ revision, dated 12th December 2021)
A few trivial amendments to a couple of songs since last year. More significant changes to All I Want for Christmas (is You)

Paper editions

You almost certainly don't need or want them, but the archive of all previous versions of the song books which were intended for printing double sided and even in A5 booklet form is available here:

the old paper editions archive


get in touch by e-mailing "contact" at "BURPmusic" dot "com"

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