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Ukes for UNICEF - annual Ukulele Festival. 2020's will be on Saturday 29th February.

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Stuff aimed at our gigging contingent: special editions of songs, mostly.


The Song Books

BURP Songbook - Third edition

BURP Songbook - Book 1 - Third edition A to D - published 15th February 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 2 - Third edition E to I - published 15th February 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 3 - Third edition J to O - published 4th October 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 4 - Third edition P to S - published 19th January 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 5 - Third edition T to Z - published 20th January 2014

The 2014 to 2016 Bonus Books have been edited, improved in places and consolidated

I have taken the four 2014 to 2016 books and sorted them into three alphabetic volumes.

BURP Songbook - Book 6, A-H - published 23rd April 2017
BURP Songbook - Book 7, I-Q - published 23rd April 2017; resequenced on 28th April
BURP Songbook - Book 8, R-Z - published 23rd April 2017; and updated 24th July to add back in the chord boxes for Space Oddity

Oh, my giddy aunt!!! Here's the 2017/18/19/20 Bonus Book:

    The BURP 2017/18/19 Bonus Songbook Cover Page - updated 21st March 2019
    Arms of Mary / Sailing (Sutherand Brothers mash-up) - published 7th August 2018
    Can't Get Used to Losing You - published 10th April 2019
    Dancing in the Moonlight - published 1st July 2019
    Games People Play - published 28th February 2018
    Go West - published 14th June 2018
    Happiness - published 13th March 2018
    Heart of Gold - published 13th September 2018
    Help Me, Rhonda - published 7th August 2018
    Human - published 28th March 2017
    I'll Tell Me Ma (The Belle of Belfast City) - published 6th November 2018
    I Say a Little Prayer - published 16th August 2018
    It Might as Well Rain Until September - published 3rd April 2018
    It's My Party - published 5th September 2017
    I Won't Back Down - published 9th November 2017
    Jamaica Farewell - published 11th January 2017
    Let's Dance - published 2nd August 2017
    Listen to the Man - published 6th August 2019
    Listen to the Music - published 24th October 2019
    The Locomotion - published 11th March 2018
    Look What They've Done to my Song - published 6th January 2020
    Mary Poppins Medley - published 7th March 2019. Heh heh heh! You'll love it. Promise!
    Material Girl - published 15th September 2018
    Memphis, Tennessee - published 5th May 2017
    My Old School - published 5th September 2017
    Rockabye - finalised 11th January 2017. Yes, Clean Bandit's recent Christmas number one
    Sealed With a Kiss - published 10th April 2019
    Send My Love (to Your New Lover) - published 29th March 2017
    Shotgun - published 31st October 2018
    Sound of Music Medley - published 29th January 2019
    So What - published 24th October 2019
    This is the Life - published 12th December 2019
    Where Do You Go To, My Lovely? - published 11th January 2017
    Whiskey in the Jar - alternate version - published 10th December 2018
    Wichita Lineman - updated 7th August 2018. BURPified from Scorpex's original version
    Whiter Shade of Pale - published 5th May 2017
    You Can Call Me Al - published 5th May 2017

Tablet-friendly edition!!!

With enormous thanks to Dave Nolder for collating and reformatting the songs, here is BURP complete and indexed updated as of 18/09/2019. Now re-indexed to demote "The" e.g. no longer "The Boxer" but "Boxer, The"

Note that the latest edition no longer includes songs from previous editions which are now officially obsolete. If you want those then you'll need this previous edition: BURP complete and indexed as of 28/12/2018

BURP's Christmas Thrash Book!!!

Our very own publication of plagiarised versions, tweaked here and there in the inimitable BURP style: The BURP Christmas Thrash Book

And a couple more:
    Jingle Bell Rock - published 6th December 2017
    Please Come Home for Christmas - published 9th November 2017
    Merry Christmas Everybody added 28th November 2016
    A Spaceman Came Travelling - published 5th November 2018


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