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Ukes for UNICEF - annual Ukulele Festival. 2018's will be on Saturday 24th February.

The performers' pages
Stuff aimed at our gigging contingent: special editions of songs, mostly.


The Song Books

BURP Songbook - Third edition

BURP Songbook - Book 1 - Third edition A to D - published 15th February 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 2 - Third edition E to I - published 15th February 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 3 - Third edition J to O - published 4th October 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 4 - Third edition P to S - published 19th January 2014
BURP Songbook - Book 5 - Third edition T to Z - published 20th January 2014

The 2014 to 2016 Bonus Books have been edited, improved in places and consolidated

I have taken the four 2014 to 2016 books and sorted them into three alphabetic volumes.

BURP Songbook - Book 6, A-H - published 23rd April 2017
BURP Songbook - Book 7, I-Q - published 23rd April 2017; resequenced on 28th April
BURP Songbook - Book 8, R-Z - published 23rd April 2017; and updated 24th July to add back in the chord boxes for Space Oddity

Oh, my giddy aunt!!! Here's the 2017 Bonus Book:

    The BURP 2017 Bonus Songbook Cover Page - updated 2nd August 2017
    Human - published 28th March 2017
    It's My Party - published 5th September 2017
    Jamaica Farewell - published 11th January 2017
    Let's Dance - published 2nd August 2017
    Memphis, Tennessee - published 5th May 2017
    My Old School - published 5th September 2017
    Rockabye - finalised 11th January 2017. Yes, Clean Bandit's recent Christmas number one
    Send My Love (to Your New Lover) - published 29th March 2017
    Where Do You Go To, My Lovely? - published 11th January 2017
    And we'll have to do this: Wichita Lineman - included 9th August 2017. Scorpex's version is bang-on and in the original key. I may republish... eventually!
    Whiter Shade of Pale - published 5th May 2017
    You Can Call Me Al - published 5th May 2017

BURP's Christmas Thrash Book!!!

Yes, after several years of limping along with a rag-bag approach, in 2014 we produced our very own publication of plagiarised versions, tweaked here and there in the inimitable BURP style: The BURP Christmas Thrash Book
And a few more:
    Merry Christmas Everybody added 28th November 2016


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