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Ukes for UNICEF 2017 - Ukulele Festival - will be on Saturday 25th February

The rest of this page is for the now long gone, hugely successful 2016 festival. With your generous help - and that of our sponsors - we raised over £5,000 for UNICEF

Ukes for UNICEF 2016 - Ukulele Festival

In aid of UNICEF

A grand ukulele festival with,from 11.00 to 17.00, workshops, mass strum-alongs, open mics, featured acts, stalls, raffle, snacks, teas, coffees, bar... and a fabulous evening concert with Phil Dolman, Elof Wamberg, Ukolade and Hamish Currie. From 19.00

Saturday 27th February, 2016

Berkhamsted Civic Centre

All ages welcome

Entry will be by donation. We suggest that each adult might like to contribute £5

Tickets for the evening concert are now available!

Hosted by BURP (Berkhamsted Ukulele Random Players)

Sponsored by:

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Concert acts at this year's evening concert

Phil Doleman Phil Doleman

Phil’s voice is as big as his ukulele is small, and his love of blues, hokum, jug band and jazz shines through in his intricate picking and driving rhythms. Known as one of the leading lights of the ’3rd wave’ of the ukulele, Phil travels all over the UK performing and leading workshops at festivals, theatres, clubs and events. He has appeared on several albums, performed on BBC radio and TV, and shared the stage with some of the world’s finest players.

Elhof Wamberg Elof Wamberg from Denmark

Tobias Elof completely took our breath away last year, so we are delighted that he is coming back again - and bringing Nicolaj Wamberg on double bass with him.

The duo Elof & Wamberg have been playing experimental folk music on the ukulele and double bass since 2010, creating music with intimacy and passion. The music is both thoughtful and vivid.

Their first CD, Elof & Wamberg, published in 2012, was nominated in the Danish Music Awards.

The duo has played concerts worldwide, including the Prague Ukulele Festival and The Ukulele Festival of Great Britain.

Tobias Elof is dedicated ukulele player and has been taught by the Canadian Ukulele Master James Hill. He's the first ukulele player in the world at the conservatory where he takes a Bachelor of folk music. Tobias is known for his investigative and virtuoso playing and he is busy adapting other genres instrument. He has also been a year of Skurups Folkhogskolas Folk Line in Malmö.

Nicolaj Wamberg trained bassist from folk line at the Conservatory in Odense ago 2011 and works a lot with movement and improvisation in his music. He studied at Conservatory in Budapest, Newcastle and Gothenburg and is known for his sophisticated, deeply narrative tone and rhythmic presence.

Translation by Google! With some help, but some of it was too good to improve...


Back at the festival with their usual mix of ukuleles and other instruments, some conventional and others truly unconventional. The vocal harmonies add to the mix as the band crashes through the musical genres.

Hamish Currie, ukuleleHamish Currie

Founder and leading light of BURP. Some of Hamish's live and studio recordings are on Soundcloud - Hamish Currie. Tracks featuring ukulele are Sand and Elizabeth Clare / Hares on the Mountain (home studio recordings) whilst Every Day I Write the Book and Shady Grove are from live gigs.


And, during the day...


There will be workshops from Ken Middleton, Tobias Elof and Hamish Currie.

Intros, Instrumentals and Endings, Ken Middleton

The aim of this Intermediate workshop is to learn ways of effectively starting and ending songs when performing them. We will find that it so important to be able to make a song sound like it has actually started. Also to learn different ways of ending the song so that listeners are left with a good impression of your performance. We will also examine ways of adding one or more instrumental sections within the song. Those attending this class will be expected to be able to play confidently all the main chords in the most common keys (C, F and G) and to be able to strum confidently. Come to the class with any wooden ukulele. NEW FOR 2015

Level 2-3 (intermediate)

How to play folk music on the ukulele, Tobias Elof

Tobias will show his approach on folk/fiddle music on the uke. Polka, jigs and reels can be played solo on the uke or as accompaniment for a fiddle. The workshop will cover right hand techniques like the triplet strum and left hand techniques like hammer-on/pull-off. The workshop will be in D-tuning (a, d, f#, b) so bring an uke in d-tuning or a capo on 2. fret.

Level 3 (intermediate)

Complete Beginners, Hamish Currie

BURP's very own Hamish Currie will be running the complete beginners' workshop. He has been running BURP since its inception almost five years ago and has been delivering uke workshops from Yorkshire to Cornwall throughout most of that time, including at the prestigious Towersey Folk Festival for the last three years. In this workshop, he'll be starting at the very beginning, because that's a very good place to start. Tuning, holding, basic strumming, a couple of chords including the most valuable: the "X" chord. And rhythms. You'll be hooked before you know it and be able to play a couple of simple songs. There will be a few ukes available to borrow, or there are stalls at the festival with helpful and knowledgeable uke enthusiasts on hand to advise on a range of budget and improvers' (and beyond!) ukuleles.

Level 0 (starters) on entry. Hopefully level 1 (beginners) on exit.


Some very special ukuleles, many at very special prices from:

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Some very tasty prizes including this lovely Kahuna KUT34BC Bubinga Cutaway Tenor supplied by the Southern Ukulele Store.

Featured Acts during the day...

The FogThe Fog

Brilliant. What can I say? Love these guys to bits. Once again, we are proud to present...

The Fog are a three piece ukulele band from Bishops Stortford. Apart from original songs, a lot of their music is from the 1920's and 30's featuring songs by Blind Blake, Muggsy Spanier, Willy McTell etc. The Band comprises Jeff Carpenter, ukulele, Taropatch and vocals, Frog Goddard, Cajon drum and washboard and Graham Ansbridge ukulele bass. Jeff and Frog have been playing together since 1970 when they had a record deal with EMI and were together in the successful college circuit band 'Giggles'. Frog continues to work in the UK with many successful country bands. Jeff worked in the USA during the 80's with Sheena Easton, Gerrard Kenny and Bruce Hornsby; he now teaches guitar and ukulele full time in Bishops Stortford. Graham worked in dance bands in the 1960's and later with British country bands 'Spellbound' and 'Honeysuckle Dew' along with session work for EMI and some of the major publishing houses in London. As you can tell from the dates above all of the band are seasoned pros who after all these years of playing still relish going on stage and playing their unique style of music.

Ken MiddletonKen Middleton

Ken has been a great supporter of Ukes for UNICEF throughout our five years and we are proud to welcome him back. He'll not only have an Ohana stall with some very special ukes at special prices and his Living Water Strings - endorsed by BURP - but he'll be playing for us and running a workshop. Come back to this site to know what that's going to be about!

Other acts confirmed for the day:

    Sarah Munro
  • Sarah Munro is on the Radio 2 playlists and her new single is being played on the Jamie Cullum show. She will do a uke version at the festival, before rushing off to Bexhill cos she has a support gig for Paul Carrack!!!
  • Buzzstables
  • Jess & Sophie Hart
  • VER Players
  • Katie's Jumping Fleas
  • Ukie-toons
  • Jacob and Ben Buckton
  • BURP
  • India Jacks

2015 official video:


There is no parking near the venue during the day (except that for guests and stallholders). If you're only coming for the evening concert then behind Tesco's and down Lower King's Road towards the station are available. During the day there is short stay parking (up to three hours) behind Tesco, but we suggest that festival goers who intend to stay for the day should park at Berkhamsted station (see map under "Where is...") and walk to the venue. Parking is £3.90 per day if you pre-book! To reach the town centre turn right from the front of the station and follow the road (Station Approach - Lower Kings Road) to the central traffic lights. Turn left onto the High Street and the venue is about 150 yds on the right - look for the banner. There is very little free parking on the streets around the venue and traffic wardens are vigilant. If you are travelling by bus rail or bike - well done!


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